Short Resume

Post-Doc at Institute of Stochastics (Ulm):

I am currently doing a Post-Doc at the University of Ulm in Germany under the supervision of Prof. Volker Schmidt.

My PhD work:

The main contribtions of my PhD involve:
  1. an algorithm to detect overlaping ellipses on 2D projection images ;
  2. a Bayesian inference method to recover 3D caracteristics of a population of ellipsoids from its orthogonal projections ;
  3. and more importantly, a generalization of the Matérn type II marked point process to model the population of ellipsoids with a specific procedure to fit the model to the 2D images.

My PhD work has been supervised by Johan Debayle (Prof. at ENS Mines St-Etienne) and co-supervised by Sophie Charton and Fabrice Lamadie (research engineers at the Chemical Engineering Laboratory of the french Atomic Energy Commission).

My Research Interests:

  • Stochastic geometry modeling: marked point process, germ-grain models, stereology.
  • Image analysis: ellipses detection, watershed transform, mathematical morphology.
  • Applications: two-phase flows characterization, weather forecasts, biomedical applications.


  • ENS Mines St-Etienne (2016-2018): tutorial in signal and image processing (Master level).

Students Supervision:

  1. Fidèle Degni (April 2018 – September 2018): “Bayesian Object Recognition for Discs and Ellipses: Application to the Geometrical Characterization of Two-Phase Flows”, at the french Atomic Energy Commission (Marcoule).


  • Post-doc at the Institute of Stochastics, University of Ulm (Germany) in Stochastic Geometry Modeling and Image Analysis (2019- till today).
  • PhD at the ENS Mines St-Etienne in collaboration with the French Atomic Energy Commission in Stochastic Geometry Modeling and Image Analysis (2015-2018).
  • Engineering studies at ENSEEIHT in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (2011-2015).
  • MSc at the University of Edinburgh in Financial Modeling and Optimization (2013-2014).